Oslo - Historic, picturesque and somewhat isolated, has never been seen as a fashion mecca. Yet, some of the trendiest styles and mixes can be regularly spotted on its streets.

Influenced by the influx of immigrants during the 1990's, Oslo fashion has become tip of the spear. Scarfs, pullovers, boots and leggings make the Winters a fashion wonder. And with the Fall months now upon us (again), the layers, muted colors, subtle patterns and funky footwear are beginning to emerge after the typical short but sweet Norwegian summer. So take a look at Oslo and enjoy the creative fashions that fill its streets....

Monday, August 8, 2011

Now and Then...............

For those of you who were kind enough to view my blog earlier this year, I must apologize for the lack of posting since 22.07.2011. Since that day, the day that Norway’s innocence was ripped away, and so many of its children’s future stolen, it has been difficult to look at these same streets, stained in blood and fear and covered with dying flowers as the playground of style and expression that they once were.

I have found it nearly impossible to return to these streets and walk in my blissful ignorance, letting my eye catch a colorful skirt, a flowing, pleated blouse, or a patchwork of cloth that evoked a trend, a style or some classic vision. What I see now is the fragility of our lives, and the thin thread that so many of us have the good fortune to hold on to each day, thread that can be broken at any moment, by any person, in any place.

All seems different now, different in the streets and in the faces of all of us who continue to try to understand the true nature of man, and of the life that has been bestowed upon us. All seems different. And it is.