Oslo - Historic, picturesque and somewhat isolated, has never been seen as a fashion mecca. Yet, some of the trendiest styles and mixes can be regularly spotted on its streets.

Influenced by the influx of immigrants during the 1990's, Oslo fashion has become tip of the spear. Scarfs, pullovers, boots and leggings make the Winters a fashion wonder. And with the Fall months now upon us (again), the layers, muted colors, subtle patterns and funky footwear are beginning to emerge after the typical short but sweet Norwegian summer. So take a look at Oslo and enjoy the creative fashions that fill its streets....

Saturday, April 14, 2012

OK.... I've taken almost a year off. The tumultuous events of 2011 here in Norway left their mark on everyone, no matter how close or far they were from individuals affected by the events of last July. For me, while being fortunate enough not to have loved ones directly affected by what happened (although my wife was only 2 blocks away from where the downtown explosion happened) the change in Norwegian life was palpable both from without and within. I completely lost my desire to photograph fashion , feeling that the very nature of such frivolity paled in comparison to the lives of so many who struggled mightily with what occured last year.
I won't go as far as to say there is a rebirth, because the scars of what happened last year will always remain, and for some, their lives are forever profoundly altered. For the rest of us, we are left to our own thoughts and though luck and innocence, our own loves and passions. We have been afforded the luxury of allowing ourselves to return to the people we once were, for better or worse,...hopefully for the better.

The spring is returning in Oslo and the bite of winter is beginning to subside. The sun is already up until almost 9:00 pm with nearly 15 hours of daylight. Just a few weeks ago, we craned our necks to suck up every drop of sunlight that would disappear at about 3:30 pm. And with the light, life seems better, at least for some of us.

 I've decided to continue my blog and help to show the world what the citizenry of Oslo look like, what they wear, and maybe even where they are going. Thanks again for taking a look.

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