Oslo - Historic, picturesque and somewhat isolated, has never been seen as a fashion mecca. Yet, some of the trendiest styles and mixes can be regularly spotted on its streets.

Influenced by the influx of immigrants during the 1990's, Oslo fashion has become tip of the spear. Scarfs, pullovers, boots and leggings make the Winters a fashion wonder. And with the Fall months now upon us (again), the layers, muted colors, subtle patterns and funky footwear are beginning to emerge after the typical short but sweet Norwegian summer. So take a look at Oslo and enjoy the creative fashions that fill its streets....

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hit the streets again today. Got a lot of great shots that I will be sharing over the coming days. The city was completely alive,... there were street fairs, and a 10K Sentrumsløpe (10 kilometers run through downtown and environs) that celebrated it's 30 year anniversary today. Literally THOUSANDS of people crowding into line to run their 10K. What struck me was not just the sheer number of participants, but the AGE of the the participants. I have never seen a group of 45-60 year old baby-boomers in such shape. But, this is Norway, a country with 4.8 million people (300,000 have immigrated here over the last 20 years) and ranks number 1 in living standard and in the top ten in just about everything else. They also have some of the most athletic genes on the planet, regularly trouncing countries 50 times their size in Winter Games.

It was an absolutely beautiful day, with unseasonably warm sun and even more unseasonably warm temperatures. Under a blue sky with spotted tufts of white, the sun pinched your skin and the air, still cool from Oslo Fjord and the snows that lie way, way up in far away mountains, picked your nose just enough to make you feel the paradox of life itself. Like great food, it was a concert of subtle opposites, the cool air and the warm sun that made you feel alive in an indescribable way. Like salty food with a sweetness, like the fashions that walk the streets, a delicate concert of juxtaposed, yet perfectly harmonious opposites.

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